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Our management team and R&D experts come from top banking & finance and technology industries. Developing a strategy for an interconnected FinTech ecosystem.


Integrating into world-class advancement and under best effort to keep pace with world trends, global standards are our commitment to the users.


The core and central of people' lives are remained, financial concerns come up with indispensable solutions. The use of big data and AI refines our model and increases our operational efficiency.

About Us

When real-time offering service is being empowered and more population are commited to it, we regconized there are drastic changes in customer behavior which need advanced techonology to solve and create value.


SG Fintech, known as the modern shape of banking, a perfect piece of instant transactions in the 4.0 era is being engaged with leading-edge technologies and daily reach for complete user experience while managing the most convenient solutions for our customers.

Vision & Mission

Everyday we think about how to elevate the quality of people's lives.
We have a team of true experts in variety of fields who make researches to take leading solutions into our home market and even more.


At SG Fintech, we make our door opened for latest knowledge, great mindset people, we listen to their ideas and try to bring the equality and respects for our people. Being straightforward to our objectives, day by day we nurture dynamic atmosphere with positive energy so our people feel comfortable to bring in their efficiency and that's also how we acquire talented people with good attitude.

We're growing

There are plenty of opportunities to make differeneces. Are you up for the challenge?
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With rich experience and knowledge in all fields, our allies are spreading from banks, financial institutes to securities and insurance.
We innovate the system to offer the value itself.

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